Motorcycle Rebuild
Engine Rebuild
Feature Project of 2012:
1969 BSA 650 Motorcycle
Complete Restoration
1973 Triumph Bonneville.....Another Successful Restoration!
 Purchased in late 2013. This bike hasn't been rode in years.  We are going to
transform this classic British motorcycle into a street racer with a very retro look to it.

pistons, titanium valve spring kit, Mapcycle steel connecting rods, new s-type cam
followers, new standard bore cylinders, crankshaft rebalanced, heads planed, valve
seats triple cut, 32mm Kien flat slide carburetors, exhaust inserts to receive larger
diameter pipes, Dunstall exhaust, Tri-spark digital electronic ignition, heads are
dual-plugged, aluminum rims, and stainless spokes.
Could be convinced to sell upon completion.

                   This will be a one-of-a-kind Triumph!!!
1973 750 Triumph Bonneville completely restored
"Before" Restoration
1973 750 Triumph Bonneville about to be given a whole new look by BCR!
Prep Work and Paint
1973 750 Triumph Bonneville.....prep work and painting in progress!
1973 750 Triumph Bonneville.....engine torn apart and rebuilt from scratch!
~   Bringing Vintage Motorcycles Back to Life  ~
1973 750 Triumph a street racer with a retro look!