Prep Work and Paint
1972 Triumph Bonneville - photos taken of prep work and painting
"Before" Restoration
Engine Rebuild
1972 Triumph Bonneville.....engine torn apart and rebuilt from scratch!
1972 Triumph Bonneville.....another successful restoration!
Motorcycle Rebuild
1972 Triumph Bonneville - photos taken of the Triumph Bonneville being rebuilt
1972 Triumph Bonneville - photos taken before restoration began
Finished Restoration!!
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When his friend arrived home with a fully restored 1970 BSA Firebird from
British Cycle Repair, Claude knew that he had to have one of his own!  So,
BCR went to work restoring an old 1972 Triumph Bonneville for him.
.....but with a few "retro" modifications! ;)
Claude's 1972 Triumph Bonneville -Fully Restored by BCR
1972 Triumph Bonneville video - fully restored and running beautifully!!
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