Feature Project of 2012:
1969 BSA 650 Motorcycle
Complete Restoration
1968 650 Triumph Bonneville.....Another Successful Restoration!
This bike was purchased many years ago by its current owner and put into storage. When he
finally decided to have it restored, he called British Cycle Repair.  He would like it to be
restored as close to original as possible
1968 650 Triumph Bonneville - another successful restoration!!
1968 650 Triumph Bonneville - photos taken of the engine rebuild
1968 650 Triumph Bonneville - photos taken before restoration began
Finished Restoration!!
Motorcycle Rebuild
Engine Rebuild
"Before" Restoration
Prep Work and Paint
1968 Triumph Bonneville video
~   Bringing Vintage Motorcycles Back to Life  ~
1968 650 Triumph Bonneville - rebuilding this classic motorcycle